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Our Mission

Birth Time is a movement about changing the current politics, practice and funding of maternity care across the developed world.

It’s an education resource and hub, that aims to:

  • shine a light on our current maternity system
  • educate women and pregnant people about different maternity services that are available to them,
  • for them to understand they have a choice,
  • and to share information about new and evolving midwifery models of care.

Through our Birth Time platform, we hope to educate, inspire and motivate young women, pregnant women and people, mothers, partners, grandparents, family, birth workers, midwives, doctors, policy makers, politicians, organisations and corporations to be the voice for change.

One Woman, One Midwife

If all women could choose to work in partnership with one midwife who provided them with continuity of care throughout their entire pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, more women could emerge from their births physically well and emotionally safe.

Post a photo on Instagram with your midwife and tag #OneWomanOneMidwife 


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"Top-level evidence in the world now says: women need to have a midwife they know provide their care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period."
~Professor Hannah Dahlen

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Our Mission
Meet the Team
The Documentary

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