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Feminism and Human Rights in Childbirth

with Professor Hannah Dahlen and Lawyer Bashi Kumar-Hazard



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Know the Truth About What is Going On in our Maternity Systems

Our maternity system is broken. We have a postnatal depression epidemic, with suicide being the leading cause of maternal death in the developed world. Birth trauma is rampant. We have incredibly high intervention rates in birth around world, yet this is not leading to better outcomes for mothers and babies.


A conversation about what is REALLY going on in the world of maternity care, with two women who aren’t afraid to speak the truth and say it how it is.








On the 26 February 2018 we ran a live event in Sydney and recorded it for you to now view, no matter where you are in the world.

This event was a start to the REAL conversation behind our maternity healthcare practices and pregnancy conventions - in Australia and around the world.

Who reallly matters in the messy, muddled up mix that has become our maternity healthcare system?

When we tell women to stop worrying about themselves, or to stop being silly, or to do as they are told because someone in the medical garb knows them better than they know themselves - what are we really saying about how women should be treated in our society?

And if such treatment is so acceptable, why are we not telling our daughters and children the truth about what to expect when they get pregnant and walk into a maternity hospital? 

Meet The Speakers

MC Zoe Naylor

MC, Actress, Founder of @KaftanMama, and Co-Creator of Birth Time.

Zoe is no stranger to film, television and stage having graced our screens for the past 20 years in such shows as Mcleod’s Daughters, Gladiators, The Reef, Nine’s NRL Footy Show, MTV Australia, Qantas in flight, NZ’s Orange Roughies, NZ’s Sportscafe…. and much more.

A national ambassador for Tourism Australia and Australian Organic and is passionate about her work as an activist and philanthropist.

Professor Hannah Dahlen

Director of Higher Degree Research in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University.

Has strong national and international research partnerships, receiving 20 grants since 2000 and has had over 150 publications.

Named in the Sydney Morning Herald’s list of 100 “people who change our city for the better”, November 2012.

Named as one of the leading “science and knowledge thinkers”, 2012.

Lawyer Bashi Kumar-Hazard

Australian Consumer Lawyer and Board Director of Human RIghts in Childbirth HRIC.

Represented families in coronial inquests, acted for midwives in statutory investigations, prepared government submissions on maternity healthcare policy and prepared human rights based fact-finding reports in Australia and internationally.

Over 15 years experience in consumer law.

Directed the inaugural Human Rights in Childbirth conference, India 2017.

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The truth about what's going on in Australia's Maternity Care System.

A Global overview of the Maternity Care Systems.

What is Feminism? And what is it in relation to childbirth?

Is Human Rights an issue, or is it THE issue in childbirth?

How do we help women choose their care?

Yes, it's about womens rights, but what about the baby?

Why is there an issue with power and control in childbirth?

What do we need to say to SHOCK people awake about childbirth?

What happens in hospitals when women say no?

How are we training our midwives?

Who should be teaching our children about what birth should be?

The impact of PTSD after a traumatic birth and taking children away.

What about women who have high risk pregnancies?

How do you speak about positive birth experiences to other women?

The discourse that is going to have more effect than anything else...

And much more.

Total Viewing Time: 1 hour 44 mins

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Snippets From The Event



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