Birthing on Country

Part of our Birth Time Documentary

Jeremy Bull from Alexander &CO, Annette Rockley and Yvonne Bellamy

In July 2018, we embarked on what we considered to be the most important chapter of our Birth Time documentary, where we examined what is currently happening with maternity services for Indigenous Australian women.

We were so honoured to be working alongside some incredible Indigenous midwives where we captured their stories, as well as the stories of urban, rural and remote Indigenous women.

We applied for a nation wide grant through a company called Huddle, to help us get to the Northern Territory.

Out of a field of high quality applications from all across Australia, WE WERE CHOSEN as 1 of 3 to be offered a $5,000 grant from Huddle!!!

We raised $17,000 during the month of June 2018, and we can't thank our supporters enough for their kind donations. They made this vital nation wide initiative possible. Every cent has been used wisely.

The money raised got us to the Northern Territory where we filmed and shed some much-needed light on the issues and challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women during their pregnancy and birthing time.

This footage will be included in our Birth Time documentary.

AND we have produced a FREE 3-minute short film of a ‘behind the scenes - making of’ from this section of the Birth Time production. It is available to watch free at the top of this page.


Our next step, now that we have visited the Northern Territory is to edit and produce our full Birth Time documentary.

We need to pay professionals - editors, graphic artists, sound mixers, etc in order to birth a world class documentary.

Can you help us with the final push Thank you in advance xx

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